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Many words and phrases are not easy to understand. Here I have collected some I have used on these web pages and tried to explain them.

Browser: A World Wide Web Browser is the program you use when you are surfing the internet and viewing web pages. Some browsers have extra functionality like reading and writing e-mail, FTP and newsgroups. Examples of other browsers than WebLOS are Netscape Navigator, Microsoft Internet Explorer and the Norwegian made Opera.

FTP: is an abbreviation for File Transfer Protocol, a way of trantsfering files on the internet. It is also possible to transfer files diretcly on the web without using FTP.

Graphical User Interface: This is how the program interacts with the user. A graphical user interface communicates with the user with graphical symbols and text. When something has a good user interface, it means the program is easy to use and has a screen structure which is easy to understand.

Newsgroups: This is discussion groups where absolutely everything is discussed. The groups resemble conferences on a Bulletin Borad System (BBS).

World Wide Web: is often abbreviated to WWW or just the web. The Web consists of ducuments (web pages) scattered over the whole internet in the form of text and graphics with links to other web pages.

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