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Computer technology has in many ways revolutionized the world for the visually impaired. Blind and partially sighted can today be much more independent with the help of computerized aids than what was possible only a few years ago.

Computer technology has contributed to social equality for the visually impared in many ways. This is something I have personally experienced being partially sighted myself. With the introduction of graphical user interfaces (Windows) many have experienced a reduction of what a PC can be used for. The graphical user interface is hard to express in eg. Braille. Programs in Microsoft Windows are therefore harder (and often impossible) to use compared to corresponding versions in DOS.

This particularly applies to Internet programs that do not exist in DOS versions because the Internet is fairly new. If you want to "surf" on the Net, you have to use a browser like Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer, both with a highly graphical user interface.

This is where WebLOS helps. The program has a design that makes it very easy to use for the blind and partially sighted.

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